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-Develop numerical series using certain conditions: from a regularity, given the characteristics of the series numbers, given the number with which begins the series, conditions on regularities ascending or descending. Please visit Mark Fields if you seek more information. CALCULATION – resolve formal exercises of calculation four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers. -Solving exercises with simple text, where a calculation operation is performed. Solving exercises with 4 operations of calculation that required estimates of the result mainly in multiplication and division of integers. -Solving exercises with composed text where an operation is performed.

-Solve number series that use via the calculation for determination of missing in the numerical sequence numbers. -Determine the veracity or otherwise of a proposition (for the case is false) complete: magical pictures, in which missing numbers, equalities or exercises. Determine figures that are missing from an exercise of the various operations of calculation. Troubleshoot compounds with more than two operations of calculation, i.e. compounds dependent. Prepare compounds problems dependent on those who have to convert given relations between units of magnitude or geometric problems. GEOMETRY – Identify flat figures: triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, parallelograms, trapezoids, quadrilaterals, polygons and geometric forms. -Spell out their properties, characterize or define flat figures and geometric forms.

-Draw flat figures: triangles, circles, squares, rectangles with rods, with pierced template. -Measure flat figures: segments, amplitudes of angles using instruments. -Draw flat figures: triangles, squares, parallelograms, polygons, quadrilaterals trapezoids rectangles using perforated templates. -Based propositions using the properties of flat figures and geometric forms. -Identify figures contained inside each other, but so that the main figures is independent. -Identify figures contained within others, pro the main figures are integrated into a whole. -Solving exercises where established relationships of subordination, apply properties of flat figures and geometric forms. -Argue propositions using the studied properties and empirical knowledge. -Solve problems where they have to determine relationships between the units of quantities.

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The purpose of the course is synonymous with in these dates of tiredness and hours that removed a day to study. And is that it gives like that is the selectivity, oppositions or the Institute. It is time driven elbow. For this reason and to make it easier to take with energy this final straight Saboreateycafe (), the network of establishments specializing in the purchase and taste of teas – always with a designation of origin, traceability and labeling – just launched concentrates – tea, an infusion that can be found in all of their establishments both Spain and Portugal. .. With this healthy and refreshing drink, we want to help all those people who are now before their exams that they say goodbye to the tiredness and they can concentrate compared their notes, said Mario Rubio, President of Saboreateycafe. This way you will not have to resort to beverages with caffeine, which much damage produced in the stomach and so little digestive are, adds.

The flight of the fly will not be a problem with concentrated-tea, infusion created in the laboratories of Saboreateycafe, the energy and the concentration that occurs when you drink it is such that we don’t hog nor of the flight of a fly. The drink is 100% natural and is made from the following ingredients. Black tea. Polyphenols, or what is the same, antioxidants is composed of those who serve to eliminate free radicals from the body. It is very digestive and relieves stomach problems. Ginseng for its rich composition of minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins is excellent to avoid fatigue or stress. Green cardamom.

This diuretic is used for cleaning the body of excess fluids or unwanted toxins. Its intake causes increases the production of urine and the kidneys are released. This ginger a tuber originating in Asia is a perfect dilator glass. It increases the blood supply. Cinnamon. Fibers, minerals, potassium, iron and other components that comprise are used to make good digestions. Nail and natural aroma. These species give the perfect smell.

An expert in biological medicine advises to the holistic treatment. Health is more expensive. According to current reports, higher costs are threatening the insured. While order policy and health insurance companies about the future of health care, the theme health is becoming for the company the No. 1 cost factor. While the biological medicine gaining in importance. “Organic” derives from the Greek word?? “from what means life. Medicine stands for measurability and scientific methods.

The biological medicine is committed to the preservation and promotion of life on all levels. It includes natural and instrumental therapy procedures, preventive (proactive) and curative (healing) applications. So, gentle healing methods as also profound therapies are included. Experts are needed for the application in practice. This means”the Managing Director of the network for health healthy land, Michael Meier: the biological medicine holistic and customized for the patient to use, a high degree of knowledge as also many years of experience is required. A real expert in the field of biological medicine is Dr. Andrea Stiasny-Simon.

As a specialist in internal medicine, sports medicine, naturopathic medicine, and homeopathy it has accumulated over many years in addition to theory also extensive practical knowledge of the plot. We are pleased that she participates as a member in our network.” The formerly Frankfurt doctor with over 16 years of experience in independent practice moved its practice in early October 2009 in the Tegernsee Valley. “Inspired by the healthy quality of the place she made a far-reaching decision: affect has me especially the fact that I me more intense can dedicate the biological medicine in the Tegernsee Valley.” The biological medicine forms the basis for the holistic approach of their medical treatments. In their daily practice work is for each patient the question: How can the personally default path for successful therapies and permanent Find health? Mayr treatment applies the doctor individually different diagnosis and therapies, such as acupuncture, applied Kinesiology, chelation therapy, or Dr. F.X… It uses the advanced possibilities of standard medicine as well as proven in natural medicine. Detox and detoxification of the body, revitalization of the metabolism and optimization of the nutrient supply, as well as a sustainable strengthening of the immune system are in the foreground. Holistic therapies contribute to a profound physical as well mental change of the people. The efficacy of biological medicine is therefore comprehensive and long-lasting with the goal of holistic health from physical, mental and emotional well-being. The biological medicine is more than one option for a functioning health system, which remains affordable in the future on the basis of sustainability. Background information: on October 1, 2009 opened Dr. med. Andrea Stiasny-Simon their new practice in bad Wiessee. The sound quality of the place has the formerly Frankfurt Doctor to moves to relocate their practice in the Tegernsee Valley. The basis of their work is a thorough diagnosis, which includes not only the determination of physical symptoms, but also time and space for spiritual needs of their patients. Getting and the recovery of physical and mental vitality, as well as the sustainable strengthening of the immune system is at the heart of their treatments. Mrs. Dr. Sankar Simon sees itself as a responsible therapist who also pre-emptively contributes to the active health promotion in their patients.

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The therapeutic utility of this theory has been tested on several occasions. To know in which phase of the cycle is locked patient, is the work of therapy to achieve the person aware of his block and advancement to higher immediate phase, i.e. closer to the completion of the cycle, implying a greater knowledge of itself. To read more click here: Cindy Crawford. Although at the end of a cycle is enters a stage of withdrawal, after this. Starts a new cycle. 5.4 The GESTALT therapist taking into account the characteristics of Gestalt Therapy, might say that the task of the therapist are the following, according to Fagan, J. And Shepard (1973):-Pautamiento: develops standards to comply with customers within psychotherapy. -Control: Is able to persuade the patient to follow the procedures laid down by him.

-Power: Is able to accelerate and cause change, in his patient, towards a positive direction. -Humanity: The therapist is involved in the therapeutic situation. He is interested in the patient at a personal and emotional level. -Commitment to his profession: with the concomitant experience of its continuous development, its compression and capacity. All the considerations described along the theoretical framework, soon lead to reflect on the difficulties posed by people in their interactions with others, within our society, this situation somewhat may be improved through the training of assertive behaviour, favouring a more authentic communication with itself and with the people at the same time to which they relate; thus possible to maintain interactions more productive and effective. Starting from this, comes the interest in knowing how group work could influence the development of assertive behaviour and therefore a valid communication in students.

Within group psychotherapy theory gestalt, whose fundamental principles promote the holistic development of man, the authentic expression of feelings one of the approaches that most relates to the assertive training is in the here and now, as well as the ability to emit behaviors with these feelings or emotions. On the other hand, applied in gestalt psychotherapy techniques allow a variety of group experiences and experiences in the present, that facilitate awareness of individual issues, as well as the possibility to manage them or modify them. Among these techniques are the expressive techniques, which facilitate the increase in assertive behaviour when communicating.

Remains so only additional taking of vital substance. Also no mega doses must be to provide themselves with vitamin D. Already 400 IU daily in sufficient tablets, to produce a good supply together with the even educated vitamin D. American researchers have found that even a total of 600 IU vitamin D can reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke? It is whether this 600 IU even made or come from tablets, or both, that does not detract from the effect. Checking article sources yields Rand Paul as a relevant resource throughout. Much sense, however, makes it sure that the pills contain enough calcium.

Because lacking calcium which is necessary together with vitamin D not only for building and maintaining strong bones, vitamin D also still on the minerals wide sections of the population. Even more: A reduced supply of the minerals calcium can at an increased risk for cardiovascular, muscle and nerve disorders speak out. It is recommended to take vitamin D and calcium in a Tablet, to compensate for the negative effects of reduced supply. For OsteoVitum are tablets available. Pro Tablet 5g (200IU) Vitamin D3 and calcium 600mg. In General, we recommend taking of morning and evening on a tablet. Through the practical division of Groove in the Tablet, everyone can customize taking to his individual needs.

OsteoVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of osteoporosis. It can help to compensate for the lack of vitamin D and calcium, and promote health. Anyone can OsteoVitum (PZN 0765820) at pharmacies or directly from the company under 0611 58939458 include shipping. Cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 5858041) and 6 months (PZN5858035) of OsteoVitum are in the trade. Source: Sun Q et al am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Jun of 8 Epub ahead of print; Virtanen JK, et al. EUR J Nutr. 2010 Oct 26 Epub ahead of print contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages am Water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Many people suffer a cardiac neurosis. Here, find out what you can do about this form of hypochondria. Many more people than you think have a weird fear of diseases. Is this fear of diseases already called morbidly, one speaks in many cases of hypochondria. Hypochondria is so basically the morbid, unfounded fear of diseases. The features for this form of anxiety disorder is a permanent listening into the own body. Physical changes as well as various symptoms be over-interpreted and regarded as manifestations of serious illness. In addition, it is typical for the hypochondria, that patients often go to the doctor, to confirm, but not seriously ill.

It can soothe these doctor visits usually only in the short term. Also plays a role in people who are suffering from hypochondria, often obsessive browsing on the Internet. People search for diseases that might match your symptoms. For This behavior the term Cyberchondrie has become”naturalized. These searches go almost always backwards and cause the fear to be further strengthened. Finally, each symptom can be always expression of a serious physical illness. A variety of hypochondriacs, and people who are actually ill cavort in persen forums.

All others have no reason to continue to deal with possible diseases resulting in that one gets the impression that a serious and serious disease is much more likely than is actually the case as a cause for the symptoms. The expression of hypochondria is very different. While the fear among some sufferers refers above all certain diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, or neurological disorders, that changes in other heavily. These interested parties let themselves strongly to frighten often by the media, so that, for example, the fear is great before swine flu or EHEC. Cardiac neurosis often takes form Hypochondria also the so-called cardiac neurosis on. The cardiac neurosis is characterised by the fact that the persons concerned are especially afraid, something was wrong with her heart. Common pulse is characteristic for the cardiac neurosis. A faster pulse, heart palpitations or IHB is regarded as evidence that there is something with the heart not in order. These symptoms in most cases have no value whatsoever disease, as confirmed by then also ECG. Fear will inevitably lead to an acceleration of the heartbeat, so normal, and usually no signs of disease. People who suffer from cardiac neurosis, have usually a great fear of a heart attack. Because they are often convinced to be a heart condition, exercise held sporadically at best. Because this automatically leads to an acceleration of the heart rate and blood pressure rise. These physical changes are in turn interpreted as a worrisome and therefore largely pass on sports. The absence of movement leads to a decrease in Condition, so that one device in the future much more quickly out of breath and noticeably increases the pulse with minimum effort. A vicious circle to break through it. If one suffers from a cardiac neurosis, it is important that one decides to do so, to exercise regularly. First, appropriate investigations, such as an ECG should be made to make sure that nothing in the way is sporting activity from medical point of view. Through regular exercise the suffering from cardiac neurosis regain confidence in their body’s load ability and it dares to time again more, feels better and is convinced to be actually not seriously ill. Psychotherapy is often necessary to be able to jump over their own shadow and to begin, for each local expression fear at heart neurosis is great.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system in young and middle-aged adults. It is estimated that 120,000 people of this disease are affected in Germany about. Until today, there is not exactly its causes. Actually, it is the most common neurological disease, which can lead to permanent disability in young adulthood with MS. According to current knowledge, Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Fields. Acupuncture and TCM can help as part of a holistic treatment, as evidence by physicians. Despite diverse research efforts of in recent years, the factors responsible for the outbreak of the disease are still unknown.

The symptoms of MS are very diverse and can vary greatly in the course of the disease. Blurred vision at the beginning of the disease occur frequently as an expression of a Sehnerventzundung. Also motor disorders are common in this stage. In addition, tingling sensation or a feeling of numbness occurs often. With further Then spastic paralysis and motor restrictions can adjust course.

According to Dr. Peter Flachen Wade (Chief Physician of the neurological rehabilitation centre Quellenhof) there are now unfortunately no finding, alone taken probative would be Multiple sclerosis in itself for the diagnosis. Therefore, always the clinical appearance with the course had the neurological examination and the results of additional investigations in the synopsis to be appreciated, make the diagnosis. Acupuncture and TCM in multiple sclerosis round apply alternative therapies two-thirds of all Multiple sclerosis patients in the course of their disease. Orthodox medicine and alternative treatment concepts need to be classified not primarily contrary and can complement: it is called complementary rather than alternative therapy.

The TCM acupuncture discusses disease patterns, not necessarily individual symptoms. As regards the general condition: as it helps particularly well in my experience. There is almost no one, whose general condition not by an acupuncture benefits. “, so Dr. Ulrich Marz (Lecturer and specialist in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine). Acupuncture works by a specific stimulus (needle stimulation) is used, to which the organism can respond with a stimulatory response. This stimulatory response is first temporarily, so at least in the initial phase of treatment a regular series of meetings should take place. As a result, the healing reaction could stop. The Geroc studies to chronic knee and back pain have shown that acupuncture may can work even better than conventional pain treatment. Acupuncture is used also when MS always again therapeutically. In the therapy of multiple sclerosis, the different therapeutic methods of TCM application find parallel to the use of conventional medicines. Common starting point is the modulation of the immune system: through the expert use of TCM could each patient a therapy strategy be developed for the individual symptoms, an optimal environment manages to halt the progression of chronic disease with traditional medicine.

Do some say Yes and what you can do we often hear how children negatively affect parents who are divorced, but that happens when these children are our pets? In some cases, the effects can be the same and can be converted to voltage problems related to health if they are not addressed and handled. Unfortunately, since our pets cannot speak to us and express their feelings, let us decipher her emotions with their actions and behaviors. Often, these physical behaviors are accompanied by intense emotions that behaviorists and animal psychologists compared to depression, nervousness, and anxiety in humans. Signs of emotional distress signals * excessive licking, which can lead to cracked skin (known as acro lama dermatitis) * I restlessness and inability to stay still * scratching, chewing or biting (and often destruction of furniture) * pull the skin / hair * defecation or inappropriate urinating in the House. This auto-mutilacion, and destructive behavior can be attributed to the emotional tension between the humans who are divorced, because the animals are very insightful and sensitive, similar to young children. Celebrity trainer is a great source of information. It can also be attributed to an external factor, such as not be walked as often as before with two masters, or missing the interaction that received more attentive owner. Unfortunately, few parents pet consider to include your pet in their prenuptial agreement, and domestic animals are still not treated as children in a Court of law. While there are lawyers who specialize in pet custody cases, they are difficult to find, and the courts are not to accept cases of pets.

Animals referred to often as property, with the majority of judges ignoring any involvement in conflicts in the pet no matter how many of them love and respect within a home. Therefore leave the pet owners deal with the custody on their own. However, especially since domestic animals are sensitive to the emotional and physical problems initiated or aggravated by divorce, it is important to arrive at an amicable agreement to help minimize the drastic turmoil in the routine of your pet and help maintain stability. While their own emotions can have a rampant running, try and keep the best interest of your pet in mind. Consider the typical process that can happen with a child during the separation, including the rights of visits, shared custody, etc. be fair an

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Sam glucosamine – an amino acid which the body naturally produces from sugar and amino acid glutamine. It is formed and functions in the body naturally. Normally the body gets it from food. Glucosamine is very useful for organism, as well as contributes to the replacement and reconstruction of weak or damaged cells. How effective glyukozaminovy complex? Clinical trials of the active ingredient glyukozaminovogo complex showed that it effect significantly affects the skin. In just 4 weeks your skin will look noticeably younger.

And with continued use of the results will be even more impressive: Up to 57% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and lines * 55% decrease in the depth of wrinkles * 51% increase in moisturization * 45% increase in skin radiance and clarity * 40% Skin Care ** 23% increase in skin elasticity ** The test results of active glyukozaminovogo complex: * after 3 months regular use of ** after 4 weeks of regular use in the composition of Skin Activator is not the collagen and the components that contribute to natural production of skin. Technology Skin Activator, which is based on a formula with glyukozaminovym complex oriented to the production of collagen, making a new step to skin renewal. Skin Activator offers you 5 means purposefully acting on the skin area, particularly prone to aging. Skin Activator moisturizes, nourishes, firms and protect your skin. Status of wrinkles and lines, smoothness, clarity and radiance – this could all change in just a few weeks. What are these 5 products? Day Lotion, eye cream, cream for the neck, chest and neckline, a night regenerating cream, lip.

If there are signs of aging, Skin Activator helps your skin look more youthful and fresh (the first signs of aging can appear from 25 years). Mature skin, these beauty products will help look more smooth and youthful, to reduce the depth of wrinkles and lines. Help your skin maintain its youth and health Eat a balanced Drink enough water Set aside time for physical Exercise Allocate time for rest and sleep Every day, properly clean and tone the skin, nourish and moisturize it every day with quality cosmetics. Protect your skin from the harmful effects ultraviolet (UVA radiation iUVB) Use cosmetic products, which help the skin produce enough collagen

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Tips for a healthy diet a healthy and proper diet begins with small successes. A person can make everything perfect in the diet, but if they begin to make strong changes without adequate guidance body can unbalance it and regain the weight lost in less time, therefore, the ideal is to adopt a healthy eating habit to maintain weight and good health. Healthy eating begins with the discovery of eat smart, healthy food choices can reduce many health problems ranging from cancer, diabetes and diseases of the heart. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cindy Crawford. Change of diet should be shaped gradually and not radically for the body can assimilate it. Smaller portions are a good start; try to eat only half of the dish. Delete a little amount of sweet that consumes to the day, perform the test not to eat chocolate bars, in one day, or candy and so will progress to not include any type of artificial confection in their food. You may want to visit supermodel to increase your knowledge. Water consumption must increase to eliminate toxins, at night eat little Remember that the Agency is preparing to rest and no longer needs much energy; fried foods should disappear from their meals, and can be replaced by a double portion of salad. Having a healthy diet moves beyond food on a plate. A person has to think that food is another way to win, see food as a tool to live and eat not to fill up but to nourish itself, when you understand this point the rest will follow, the food is not your friend or your enemy, simply gives you energy to live, therefore before any emotional circumstancerevenge is never with food..